According to some experts, the human body, virtually unchanged for thousands of years, may be about to undergo a bewildering variety of modifications.

We can only guess at the social, legal, and ethical questions that such genetic modification in humans will raise. But one thing is certain: there will have to be inspired, logical thinking by an engaged and informed citizenry about which biomedical roads we want to go down if our children and grandchildren are to deal responsibly with the challenges ahead. And that is the overarching purpose of this online course:

To foster an increased “genomic literacy” for the public/patient as well as their health care providers based on a more complete understanding of the potential medical applications and implications of genomic innovation and application.

Greg Fowler, Ph.D, creator of Genomics for Everyone

Genomics is changing your world. Don't be left behind.

Genomics for Everyone is a 9-week self-guided online course designed to give you a basic understanding of genomics and its relevance to your daily and/or professional life.